The EITI is built on the notion that natural resources such as oil, gas, metals and minerals,belong to a country’s citizens. The EITI’s mission is to promote understanding of natural resource management, strengthen public and corporate governance and provide the data to inform greater transparency and accountability in the extractive sector. By becoming a member of the EITI, countries commit to disclose information along the extractive industry value chain – from how extraction rights (granting of mining and petroleum licences) are awarded, to how different revenues streams make their way through to the Government and how they benefit the public. Through participation in the EITI process, 55 countries have agreed to a common set of rules governing what has to be disclosed and when – the EITI Global Best Practice Standard. EITI countries disclose extensive amount of data and information as required by the EITI Standard. The EITI Standard requires that data is made available in accessible forms to all users.

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